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Back Pain

If you’re suffering from back pain in Wappingers Falls, there is a great option for treatment. A common complaint which affects about 31 million Americans is low back pain. This can stem from a variety of causes. It is often caused by a pulled muscle or damaged disc, but can also result from a trauma like an accident or injury, or even something simple like lifting or bending incorrectly. If you’re looking for a practice where a comprehensive diagnostic assessment is performed on each patient, in order to determine the root cause of lower back pain, so that the correct course of treatment can be ascertained for each unique case, you’ll find that and more at StartNew Medical, P.C.

Back pain relief has traditionally been provided using treatment that includes rest, hot and cold packs, pain medication, muscle relaxants, and massage therapy. Sometimes, however, these low back pain treatments fail and leave the patient to struggle under chronic low back pain. When the pain becomes unbearable, a last resort is sometimes surgery. This often leads to Failed Back Surgery Syndrome, with many patients reporting a re-occurrence or even worsening of symptoms within a year or two of the surgery.


Interventional Procedures include various types of injections that can help your pain depending on the type of pain you are experiencing and where it is located. These injections interrupt the flow of pain signals along specific nervous system pathways.

For those suffering chronic back pain in Wappingers Falls, low back pain treatment can be provided by StartNew Medical. Embracing an integrated approach to wellness, the staff at our practice work hard to help people live more healthy, productive, and active lives.

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